Image Great! Just started running and didn’t know about stretching at all! This app is perfect for runners!! Image

By : J Ng

Image Great Little App! I took up running a couple of months ago, and have found that after a run I often can’t think straight enough to remember my stretches. This app is great! Image

By : A Google User

Image It’s a no brainer. Easy to use simple app. Covers the basic stretches. Setting has function to increase length. Great motivator Love it Image

By : A Google User

Image Good! Good please keep on improving this app. Stretching can change lives. Tks Image

By : A Google User

Image A must have! I have to stretch before and after any workout or I won’t get through it…this app is so awesome! Image

By : Mary Carter

Image Great app! This does just what I need it too. :) Image

By : Sushi.q

Image Good app! I like the choice of stretches, and the announcements to change sides. I use it every day. I also like the calendar that keeps track of how many times a day i stretched — really good for morale and self-discipline. Image

By : HeyJudeJES

Image Great App! I’m not good about stretching and the app has helped me to be more consistent! No injuries so far this season and I’m sure my new found stretching routine is to thank. Image

By : Add me 130-722-175

Image Fabulous Stretching Program. I love this app! A nice, polite voice guides you through each stretch indicating when it is time to switch and occasionally giving pointers while a picture depicts how to do the stretch. Additionally you can go to a separate screen with more instruction on how to do the stretch. This app is so handy and definitely aids in my goal of becoming more flexible. Image

By : beautiful5678

Image Love it! Great App. No pain after running. Image

By : Betty Collia

Image Good app. Like this app. Nice to not have to think about what stretches you should do and to have someone else time them. Image

By : Afjbfrnde

Image Great little app. Love that this forces me to take just a few minutes to stretch and once I start, I find myself doing a little extra, just because. Image

By : Tina McD